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Another strange sounding game, which is brilliant. With everyone standing in a circle a counsellor stands in the middle, looks at someone, and says to them: "Shlubadub!" The person being looked at must immediately say their (first) name. If the counsellor calls someone's name (even if they're not looking at them), that person must immediately call out "Shlubadub!" Do this for a while until you think most people have got the hang of the game, then introduce these rules: If you say "Shlubadub, Shlubadub, Shlubadub" The person who you are looking at must start to say their name before you finish the third "Shlubadub". Similarly, if you call out someone's name three times, they have to call out "Shlubadub" before they've finished. This is a game to be played at speed to catch people out. If anyone hestitates, gets it wrong, or doesn't call out in time, they are "out" (your choice whether you have "out" or not, prehaps have silly forfeits).


Number of Players: 8-15

Ages: 8 to 14

Activity Level: low

Equiptment: none

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