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learn about eachother


Set up small groups of 8-12 players and have them sit in a circle for this icebreaker. One person is given the ball of yarn and finds the end of it. They will toss the ball of yarn to anyone within the circle while they are still holding the end of the ball of yarn. Now ask the person that caught it one or two questions. If this is a new group that doesn't know everyone they are to introduce themselves first before answering the questions at the beginning of the game. Here are some ideas as to what questions to ask; What is your favorite color, music group, the person that has influenced you the most, what are you afraid of, your favorite food, time of the year, or any other question to might pertain to this event. That person then holds part of the yarn and then tosses the ball of yarn to anyone that hasn't received the ball yet. You repeat this until everyone has had the ball of yarn and you will notice that you have created a unique web that has connected all the players together in one way. You can pass the ball again to ask one - two more questions from each player.


Number of Players: Small to medium groups

Ages: 10 and up

Activity Level: low

Equiptment: ball of yarn or string

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