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To get all 4 tennis balls passed across the group


Divide the group up into teams. Try to have between 8-10 people in each team. Have each team pick a leader who will start the game. The leader will then choose someone who is across the circle from them, but not next to them, to throw a ball to. Then the person that the leader chooses will choose someone else across the circle from him or her and so on until everyone has someone that they throw a ball to. The last person will throw the ball back to the leader. The object of the game is to see which team can throw the ball to every member in the group without dropping the ball on the ground. To increase difficulty you can add another ball to the group to see if they can still accomplish the task. You can also start a ball where the leader starts again, and throws the ball to the last person and then continues backwards. To increase leadership in the activity you can have the person throwing the ball say to the person who is catching the ball "here you go" or say their name to make sure they are paying attention.


Number of Players: 6 to unlimited

Ages: 10 and up

Activity Level: medium

Equiptment: Four tennis balls or similiar size balls

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