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Oh No! Summer Camp's Over... So Now What?

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The most awe-inspiring park has got to be Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles, California. From a New Yorker’s perspective, Gordon Teoh says “It’s all going on, all the time”. This is not a theme park so much as it's an extreme park, and it's home to one jaw dropping rollercoaster – The Viper, otherwise known as the largest looping rollercoaster in the world. But wait, the Viper is set to lose this title to an even taller and faster opponent with the planned unveiling of The KingDa Ka. Towering at 456 feet and launching you screaming at over 127 MPH, America's theme parks just keep getting bigger, faster and meaner....almost out of control. So make sure your camp is based around the Los Angeles area if you decide to take the plunge. The Grand Canyon

Few people have not heard of the Grand Canyon, but not many have seen it. This is an American classic for film locations of every kind and for those who know, this was Airwolf's lair in the famous TV series by the same name. The Grand Canyon is an exceptionally deep, steep-walled canyon in the northwestern Arizona area.

“It is amazing - just like in the movies!” comments Helen Anderson who worked at Camp Canonicus. River rafting in the Colorado River, hiking and of course good old photography are things to do at the Canyon. The Grand Canyon cannot be missed; it's big, it's wild and it's absolutely amazing. These destinations represent only a small fraction of the possibilities of post-summer camp gap year travel. The summer camp you work at could be anywhere in the USA, so do some research or contact one of the camp organizers for things to do after camp. Ten weeks of America's infinite possibilities await, so waste no time!

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