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Articles for Families

How to Pack for Camp

by Cynthia Feeney

Some ideas to help take the stress and anxiety out of packing for camp.

Weight Loss Camps Can Change Lives

by David Ettenberg

Like traditional camps, Weight Loss Camps fill the idle days of summer with fun indoor and outdoor activities. Their benefits, though, extend well beyond the time the camper returns home. This article helps families decide whether a summer weight loss camp is right for their child, and provides helpful tips on how to choose one.

Twelve Tips For Choosing A Horse Camp

by Royce Armstrong

Whether you are an accomplished rider or just starting out, this article will help you learn how to find a summer horse camp that meets your needs.

Articles for Staff

How Being a Camp Counselor Helps with your Later Career

by Cynthia Feeney

Being a camp counselor doesn't just help you with a career in teaching or child-care. The skills you develop are valuable for any type of job.

Strategies for Handling Homesickness

by Cynthia Feeney

Dealing with a homesick camper is easier if you have a plan.

An Internationals Guide to Getting a job at a US Summer Camp

by Dave Goosselink

International applicants face special challenges in getting a job at United States summer camps. This article from a long-time counselor from New Zealand lets you know how to go about the process and what to expect along the way.

Articles for Directors

Reasons to Program a Story Day

by Adapt Your Camp

A Story Day is a day in which the counsellors ?tell a story? to the campers. During one of these days, all the different activities of camp life (games, songs, crafts, etc.) become a part of the story. That way when the campers play the games, sing the songs, and craft the crafts, they become the heroes of an exciting adventure.

Adapting Activities and Integrating Campers

by Adapt Your Camp

It isn?t easy to adapt activities and integrate campers with special needs into the camp setting, but starting with the right attitude and methods goes a long way!

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