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to gather miscellaneous items


Campers get a set time, e.g. 8 minutes to grab anything they have that can fit in a pillowcase. Then they sit in groups and the auctioneer asks for an item, e.g. a white sock. Then there are points for everyone with a white sock and points for creative efforts. Say they ask for the longest shoelaces, its fair game for the cabin to tie everyone?s shoelaces together to make one really long pair. Or a likeness of someone famous, maybe from a book cover, or dressing up a camper. Then there are fun ones like, smelliest feet (points if they smell, extra if their smelliest) loudest burp, best Elvis impersonation, best animal noise, etc. At the end most points win a prize or if you are earning for a pointed game later, everyone keeps their scores. It may actually work better in mixed age groups, and smaller groups


Number of Players: small group, or teams with bigger groups

Ages: 10-16

Activity Level: medium

Equiptment: pillowcase, random items

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