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carry ball without using hands


Each team chooses 15 people for the relay, and divides those people into groups of 3.

Dip the Nerf ball into the bucket of water.

Each group of 3 holds the ball using their foreheads, creating a circle around the ball by putting their arms around one another.

The group walks the ball to the other side of the field, around the cone and back to the starting point.

The members of the group may not use their hands to carry the ball. If the ball is dropped, they must stop moving, pick up the ball, and place it in between their foreheads before they begin moving again.

Once the group returns to the starting point, the ball is dipped into the water again, and the next group of three goes. Continue in this pattern until all the groups have gone.


Number of Players: 15

Ages: any

Activity Level: high

Equiptment: nerf balls, water, cones

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