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To avoid being tagged


Everyone finds a partner and they stand together with elbows linked. Each pair spreads out throughout the playing area. The leader picks one pair to be the first players involved in the chase; one is the runner and the other is the chaser. If the chaser catches the runner, they switch roles. If the runner chooses, they can hook elbows on any end of the any pairs standing in the playing area. When this happens, the person in the pair who has not been hooked onto must run and become the new runner. This game becomes quite exciting as long as no one stays the runner for too long. Leaders should facilitate the flow of the game if this happens.

Variations - Groups of three can be linked up. You can have one chaser and two runners.


Number of Players: 10 and up

Ages: 6 and up

Activity Level:

Equiptment: None

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