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to tag the person who is the runner


First you must pick someone to be it and have someone be the runner (the one to be chased). Line the rest of the group up side by side in even rows. Everyone within the rows must join hands. One of the people standing in line needs to be the caller who will yell out streets or alleys. Start playing tag like you normally would, the runner and chaser must stay between the people. The caller at anytime can yell out "ALLEYS" and everyone holding hands will drop their neighbors hands and turn a quarter turn to their left and join hands with the new neighbors. The caller can then yell "STREETS" whenever they want to. Again you turn a quarter turn and grabs hands again. During this time the chaser and runner are still playing tag and they continue to chase and run while the caller goes from calling alleys or streets. The game continues until the chaser catches the runner. Then you can chose new people to run, chase and call.


Number of Players: 16 to unlimited

Ages: 7 and up

Activity Level: high

Equiptment: None

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