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first team to solve mystery


We have several stations set up, and a staff member at each one dressed up as a character( like professor plum, mrs. white etc.). In cabin groups, the campers go to any station they want, but only one cabin can be there at a time. The counselor has a task the campers have to do (ie, sing a song, make a cheer, get 3 baskets etc.) one they finish a task they can ask 1 question, just like in clue, for example, professor plum, in the archery field with a canoe paddle. If the counselor has one of those things on the list (that they get from the person who planned it) they tell the kids... our version is just like the board game but campers go to different stations in the camp, and we change the places, weapons (like canoe paddles and other camp things) and make it a kidnapping instead of a murder.


Number of Players: large groups

Ages: 10 and up

Activity Level: medium

Equiptment: varies with game

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