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be last one


Activity 1: Have all the campers sit in a circle. One camper starts the game by looking in the eyes of the person next to him/her and saying "Ha". Then that camper turns to the next cmper and says "Ha Ha". It continues on like this, adding a "Ha" every time. The trick have to do it without laughing or smiling! And, you have to make eye contact. If a camper smiles or laughs while giving or receiving the "Ha's", they are out. The game is over when one camper remains.

Activity 2: Have one camper lie on the floor on her back. Another camper lies perpendicular to him/her with his/her head on the first camper's stomach. Then, another camper rests /hisher head on the second camper's stomach and so on until you have a chain of camper lying on the floor. Then the game is pretty much played as the one above. The first camper says "Ha" and they are passed on down the line. The only difference is that nobody gets out and you can smile. You are trying to make it down the line without somebody cracking up laughing.


Number of Players: 8-15

Ages: 8-15

Activity Level: medium

Equiptment: none

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From Kelsy
Rating: 10 out of 10
The Ha Ha Game

I love the Ha ha game. My volleyball team plays it all the time and it's such a laugh! The funniest part is to watch the person's head when the person they are laying on says ha! I would recommend this game for anyone and everyone looking for a great side spliting game!

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