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keep rhythm


Have all the campers sit in a circle. Begin a beat: slap your knees twice, clap your hands twice, and snap fingers on each hand...slap slap, clap clap, snap, snap...continue this steady beat through the game. Then, begin the following chat, each person saying a different line (ONLY speak on the snaps!):

Person 1: Categories
Person 2: Such as?
Person 3: [names a category] cereal
Person 4: [names item in category] lucky charms
Person 5: [names item in category] cheerios
... continue as such around the circle.

If a camper is stumped, she may begin the cycle over by just saying "Catergories", but don't lose the beat! A camper is out if he/she hesitates or speaks not on the snaps.


Number of Players: Small to medium groups

Ages: 10 and up

Activity Level: low

Equiptment: none

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