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to be first to figure out all of the clues


This game is best played when it is a little bit darker. Campers go around in cabins with their counselors. There are about 6 counselors or other staff sitting in random places (not hidden but not in easy places to find)in camp with flashlights with a specific flashlight code that corresponds with a city (You might want more staff depending on your camp size). The campers have a sheet of about 4-5 cities (it should be more if you have more staff hiding), like New York, Chicago etc. Each city has a specific flashlight code (similar to morse code) with short and long flashes of the flashlight. The campers go from staff member to staff member trying to figure out what the staff member's city is. Once they think they have it figured out, the staff member signs beside the city that the campers think it is. Whatever cabin has all the cities figured out first wins. Try putting some decoys out to to make the game a little harder.


Number of Players: 30 plus

Ages: 10 and up

Activity Level: medium

Equiptment: flashlights, paper and writing materials

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