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Imagine you have seven sheets of paper on the ground. Numbered from 1 - 7. You then will have 2 teams of three people. Have team one stand on numbers 1-3, and team two stand on numbers 5-7. Teams need to be facing the number four. The object of the game is to mover all three of your team to the opposite teams numbers. You have unlimited moves but you have to follow these two rules
1. You can only move into one space at a time.
2. You can only move into an empty space directly in front of you.

Or, you can move around a person who is facing you into a empty space.
The object is to be the set of teams that can do it the fastest.

Solution: - The trick is to move one side and then the other, alternating as you go. If often takes the group a while to see that you need to make sure that two people facing the same way are not standing next to each other. Once they see the pattern developing it is quite easy to complete the solution. Move 1 to 4, move 5 to 3, move 6 to 5, move 2 to 4, move 1 to2, move 3 to 1, move 5 to 3, move 7 to 5, move 6 to 7, move 4 to 6, move 2 to 4, move 3 to 2, move 5 to 3, move 4 to 5.


Number of Players: multiple of six, minimum of 12

Ages: 8 and up

Activity Level: medium

Equiptment: None

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