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to guess who the sleeper is


You sit in a circle. There will be one person who is determined to be in the middle. That person will select the sleeper. Everyone in the group will have their eyes closed. The person in the middle will then select a person who will be the sleeper. The sleeper's role is to make the entire circle go to sleep. He/she will wink at people. When you are winked at you need to count to three and then you will fall asleep. Lay down so people know you are out of the game. The remainder of people who have not been winked at need to guess who the sleeper is. If you guess wrong, you will be automatically out of the game. The person who guesses the winner will then become the person who chooses the next sleeper. If the sleeper wins then they will get to select the next sleeper. The person who selected the sleeper is the judge of the game.


Number of Players: 10 and up

Ages: 8 and up

Activity Level: medium

Equiptment: None

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