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keep rhythm


You start with numbering off everyone in the circle starting with one. The number that the player has is the number they have to say in the sequence. Everyone starts this beat, slap, slap, (slapping your legs) than clap, clap (with your hands). Someone starts by saying their number on the slap, slap than another person's number on the clap. When the person who has heard their number on the last clap, they have to start by saying their number on the slap and someone elses number on the clap and so on. Just like 1 (on the slap), 1(one the 2nd slap), 4(on the clap), 4 (on the second clap). than four would say 4, 4, 7, 7 and so on. If someone breaks the pattern they have to go to the last number's position so some people will have new numbers. Everyone wants to try and get a lower number, but the game can end whenever.


Number of Players: small group

Ages: 10 and up

Activity Level: low

Equiptment: none

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