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To have all of your team go to the goal and return


The players are divided into two teams. A goal is established for each team such that each team will have the same distance to travel to get to it. The teams stand in lines facing their respective goals. Each team is given two pieces of cardboard. The first member of each team goes to his goal and back, walking on his pieces of cardboard. He does this by picking up a piece of cardboard with each step and placing it in front of the foot with which he is about to step. When he returns to his team, the next person does the same thing, and in turns the rest of the team, until one team has had all its members go to the goal and return, that team wins.


Number of Players: 8 and up

Ages: 8 and up

Activity Level: high

Equiptment: 4 pieces of cardboard, about 10 inches square

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