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Adapting Activities and Integrating Campers


Adapt Your Camp


It isn?t easy to adapt activities and integrate campers with special needs into the camp setting, but starting with the right attitude and methods goes a long way!

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Keys for Successful Integration and Adapatation

Treat the camper the same way you would want to be treated, with dignity and respect. Remember why they are at camp: to have fun, learn new skills, and to meet new friends. Try to focus on a camper’s abilities as the base for your programming. Start with a game you know is fun and ask yourself “How can I adapt this to meet the needs of my campers?”

Give all campers some level of choice. The choice might be in what they create during a craft, what game they play, or how

Individualize – know the camper, because every camper is different. Appeal to their particular interests, and adapt to

Plan ahead – discuss with your fellow counsellors what activities you’re doing so that adaptations can be set up ahead of time. This will be easier for you, but it will also be better for the camper: the adaptations can become a part of the program and the camper won’t stand out.

Read the rest of the article at the Adapt Your Camp Website.

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About the Author is run by a group of people with experience at camps for children and teens with special needs. This particular article was written by Dan Moore and Michelle Dwyer.

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