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Reasons to Program a Story Day


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A Story Day is a day in which the counsellors ?tell a story? to the campers. During one of these days, all the different activities of camp life (games, songs, crafts, etc.) become a part of the story. That way when the campers play the games, sing the songs, and craft the crafts, they become the heroes of an exciting adventure.

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Reasons to Program a Story Day

There are many different reasons for programming a Story Day:
  • Itís interesting and fun for the campers.
  • Itís fun for the leaders too, and also a challenge to program.
  • It encourages the campers to use their imagination and develop their own creativity.
  • A break from the usual routine of the camp day. Story Day can be very memorable for the campers.
  • It can also be used to motivate participation from campers who are normally unenthusiastic about activities by allowing you to customise the day to be about something you know they like.

Suppose you have a camper who doesnít usually play the running games, but you know that she really likes Spiderman. You could program a Spiderman day in which the webslinger himself comes to camp and asks for help cleaning up crime in the streets of New York. You could then program a game of Freeze Tag where you tell the campers that the ďItĒ is Spiderman, and that everyone else is a bank robber; so that when Spidey tags another camper, they become wrapped in his web (and freeze). The abovementioned camper will be much more likely to participate in the game if doing so means they get to be Spiderman!

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