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Articles for Families

How to Pack for Camp

by Cynthia Feeney

Some ideas to help take the stress and anxiety out of packing for camp.

Weight Loss Camps Can Change Lives

by David Ettenberg

Like traditional camps, Weight Loss Camps fill the idle days of summer with fun indoor and outdoor activities. Their benefits, though, extend well beyond the time the camper returns home. This article helps families decide whether a summer weight loss camp is right for their child, and provides helpful tips on how to choose one.

Twelve Tips For Choosing A Horse Camp

by Royce Armstrong

Whether you are an accomplished rider or just starting out, this article will help you learn how to find a summer horse camp that meets your needs.

Take The Next Step With An Adventure Camp

by Royce Armstrong

Campfires on starry nights. The quiet splash of a canoe paddle dipping into a placid lake. Peels of laughter echoing off the water as swimmers splash around and dare one another to cannonball off the diving boards. These are scenes most people think of when they think of “summer camp.”

There are a lot more choices in summer camp experiences these days. Adventure Camps provide a more active and, perhaps, more enriching experience.

How to Choose a Summer Camp

by CampResources

With thousands to choose from selecting a summer camp can be a rough task. This guide helps turn the process from a chore into family fun.

Oh No! Summer Camp's Over... So Now What?

by Gregory Hudson

What to do when summer camp end and it is still not time to go back to school.

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