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Twelve Tips For Choosing A Horse Camp


Royce Armstrong


Whether you are an accomplished rider or just starting out, this article will help you learn how to find a summer horse camp that meets your needs.

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Horses. Beautiful and graceful, horses are just about all that your child wants to think about. Perhaps you have horses and your youngster has firsthand experience with riding and grooming. Maybe your child's only experience with horses is through books, TV, a summer vacation that included trail riding, or visiting friends who have horses. It makes little difference how the interest in these magnificent beasts is born. The fascination is there.

One of the great things about horsemanship is that it has no prejudices. It appeals to boys, girls, women and men. It is a pastime for both the young and the old, and all ages in between. It is a sport that will challenge and reward the most physically fit and provide outstanding therapy for people who live each day with severe physical challenges. Rhodes scholars and the mentally challenged can each appreciate and enjoy the thrill of horses and the art of horsemanship.

Now, the summer is fast approaching and you are considering sending your child to a summer camp with a horse program. What will your child learn? Will your child be safe? What kinds of horses are kept at these camps? How can you select the camp that is right for you and your child?

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