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How to Pack for Camp

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Donít forget:
  • Add a nametag to each piece of luggage.
  • Write down lock combinations or make extra keys for key locks. Put them in a safe place for your child or consider giving copies to your childís counselor or camp director (some require it).
  • Find out if you can ship luggage directly from your home to camp. Many camps have assigned trucking companies to use or consider shipping your luggage via another shipping company.

Extras you might forget
  • Medications: Find out the campís procedures for handling daily medications or refills.
  • Forms: Most camps require a vaccination and health screening form. Find out when you need to send the completed forms to camp.
  • Updated contact information: Has your contact information changed since you registered your child for camp? Call and update the camp director with your new information.
  • Stationery, pre-stamped envelopes, pens: You donít want to miss letters from your camper! Send extra stamps, as some camps donít sell stamps at their camp store.

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About the Author

Cynthia Feeney is a freelance writer from Carlsbad, CA. She spent many summers as a camper in Ohio and was a counselor at Point-O-Pines Camp for Girls in upstate New York during college.

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From Samantha
Rating: 10 out of 10

My child has never been to camp so I was totally clueless before. :)

From A Guest
Rating: 9 out of 10

From carly
Rating: 8 out of 10

one idea is put whatever clothes your child will need for a day in a food bag. say shirt shorts underwear socks and whatever else, and fold it, put it into a ziploc galloen bag or something then put in the duffel bag

From kat
Rating: 9 out of 10

i went to a summer camp last year and as a camper i found it very difficult to keep myself organized. many of the other campers had stacked plastic drawers on rollers and that seemed to help them alot. you could separate each kind of clothing you have and keep it well organized and reachable. i went back for a second week and tried it, and it worked very well.

From A Guest
Rating: 9 out of 10
Ziploc Bag Tip!

To ensure the packer/camper does not forget anything, use this helpful tip! Create a complete outfit for each day spent at camp. This would include: 1 pair of underwear 1 pair of socks 1 pair of shorts/pants 1 shirt Then, place each outfit into a ziploc bag. Depending on the amount of time spent at camp and weather conditions, pack a reasonable number of extra outfits incase one gets dirty/wet. Be sure to include heavier items in a few of the outfits, i.e. sweatshirts and jackets for chilly days. This makes it easy for children to keep organized, see whether they need to mix and match, and, the extra helpful tip, the ziploc bags act as vacuum bags... making the clothes compressed to save space! Happy Packing!

From sunny
Rating: N/A

Dont forget to send rain gear!! As I camp counsellor that seems to be the one thing that parents dont send with their children to camp. Also if the camp does not allow sweets at camp dont send you child sweets that they can eat on the bus ride home as they will be constantly thinking and asking for the sweets which gets the other campers in their cabins upset...

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