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Articles for Staff

How Being a Camp Counselor Helps with your Later Career

by Cynthia Feeney

Being a camp counselor doesn't just help you with a career in teaching or child-care. The skills you develop are valuable for any type of job.

Strategies for Handling Homesickness

by Cynthia Feeney

Dealing with a homesick camper is easier if you have a plan.

An Internationals Guide to Getting a job at a US Summer Camp

by Dave Goosselink

International applicants face special challenges in getting a job at United States summer camps. This article from a long-time counselor from New Zealand lets you know how to go about the process and what to expect along the way.

Using Nevertells To Effectively Engage Campers

by CampResources

Nevertells provide a means for entertaining campers without any materials.

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