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Using Nevertells To Effectively Engage Campers




Nevertells provide a means for entertaining campers without any materials.

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Nevertells also often called Open-Ended Stories or One Minute Mysteries, are short little stories that create a puzzle or seem illogical until some assumption is removed. There is some quick little answer that once figured out makes everything fit together. While the stories usually only take a minute to tell, they can drive people nuts for hours or days while they try to figure them out. The answer should never be given to someone, though, that's why they are called Nevertells.

Because Nevertells do not require any materials or activity they work great for situation where little else can work to keep campers entertained - riding on a bus, waiting in a line, lying in bunks after lights out but before sleep, etc. A good Nevertell also quickly engages kids, so they can be used to quiet down a rowdy bunch.

For a more lively version, you can play in teams. You want to form at least two groups. Then you tell the groups you will read them an open-ended story. You need to read it to them once. Each group will get a chance to answer questions about the story. The groupís task is to figure out the missing part of the story. The catch is they can only ask yes or no questions. The leader of the game can only answer yes, no, or not significant. The groups will take turns asking questions. Then the group to first correctly answer the question will win the point.

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