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Take The Next Step With An Adventure Camp

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Is an adventure camp right for my child?
Adventure camps are not for everyone. Adventure camp directors try to make that clear right away. Children who are significantly overweight, or who have other physical limitations, may not be able to accept the challenges and rigors of an adventure camp. Youngsters with poor attitude or who simply do not want to go to an adventure camp will likely not be accepted.

For many youngsters, adventure camps are an excellent way to spend the summer and develop new skills and appreciations. There are several things you can expect your child to take away from his or her adventure camp experience. They include the following. 1) Youngsters are able to learn outdoor skills. They also get a better understanding of the natural world through this unique exposure. 2) They will grow in confidence as they put new skills to the test. 3) They will develop a sense of community as they encourage their peers to meet the same challenges they are facing. 4) Perhaps most importantly, they will have a great time. The activities selected for these camp adventures are just plain fun.

Adventure camps are not necessarily for the strongest or most skillful athletes. In fact, most of the kids who are top athletes do not go to adventure camps. They are at camps developed for their particular sport of interest, such as baseball, basketball or football.

“A typical student, has highly involved, educated parents.,” says Dockendorf. “Our families tend to be more affluent. The parents are often professionals or educators. Our kids tend to be very bright. Many are gifted, well-rounded students. An adventure camp just adds a piece to their overall development.” Those campers who do select an adventure camp will most likely have the most exhilarating experiences of the lives. There are other benefits, as well. First of all, their peers will be bright kids with good attitudes. And while adventure is involved, there is also a high degree of safety. The focus on safety is much higher at adventure camps than other summer camps simply because of the types of activities that are involved. Youngsters gain confidence in their abilities, but they also develop a sense of community as they learn to encourage other youngsters to succeed and in return receive encouragement when they are challenged. They gain outdoor skills, but they also gain an understanding of other people.

Often these camps will include youngsters from a number of countries around the world as well as youngsters from several different states. Through meeting and getting to know these youngsters they discover that people everywhere have similar dreams and fears, even when traditions and customs may vary.

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