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Take The Next Step With An Adventure Camp

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Are there different kinds of adventure camps?
Parents considering an adventure camp for their child have a wide range of programs from which to choose. Some of the camps are much like conventional summer camps in that they have a facility where campers stay in cabins and eat in a dining hall. The departure from a normal summer camp is in the activities the campers are given, not in the accommodations.

On the other end of the spectrum are the adventure trips. The only ‘facility’ the camper will see is a transport van or bus and an equipment trailer. The campers are driven to the starting point of the adventure excursion and driven home. The campers spend most of their three to four week sleeping out under the stars, cooking their own meals and hiking from place to place.

An adventure can be any activity that is fun and beyond the camper’s normal experiences. The adventure might be a three week hike in the mountains that includes rappelling off cliffs and sliding down high mountain snowfields. Or it might involve learning to sail where the kids are assigned to a sailboat, taught to sail and care for the boat. While at sea, they are responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the boat, cooking their own meals and so on.

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