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What Safety Precautions are followed at adventure camps?
Adventure activities have potential risks associated with them. These, however, are kept to a minimum at the adventure camps for several reasons.

1) Groups of campers are intentionally kept small with a very high ratio of counselors or instructors. This camper to counselor ratio often runs 4 to 1 to 6 to 1 for most activities.

2) The instructors are highly trained. They are accomplished in the activities they are teaching. They are usually trainedin wilderness safety and in dealing with wilderness emergencies. Some camps require their counselors to be college graduates. Most require that the counselors be at least 21 years old. Most require the counselors be certified in first aid and CPR. Some even require the counselors be certified as Wilderness First Responders, an 80 hour course in handling wilderness emergencies.

3) Instruction is thorough. Campers are not permitted to engage in an activity until the counselors are confident of the child’s ability to perform it.

4) Equipment is kept in excellent condition. 5) Emergencies procedures are in place in the event an accident does occur. This includes a plan to get campers to medical facilities if that should become necessary.

With such a strong emphasis on safety, most adventure camps have excellent safety records. The added benefit is that the child learns how to safely and successfully perform outdoor skills that will be retained for the rest of his or her life.

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