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How to Choose a Summer Camp

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Evaluating Your Family Needs (cont'd)
Your family can also choose between boys only, girls only, coed, and brother-sister residential camps. For those not familiar with the term, brother-sister camps are two camps near each other for each gender. Some activities are separate and some are coed. The best way to choose between a single gender or coed camp is to look at your child's current group of friends.

Specialty camps cover a wide range of topics in academics, arts, sports, and self-improvement. Do you have a daughter who is horse-crazy but you live in the city, send her to a ranch camp. Children can participate in sports that might not be popular in your area like lacrosse, rowing, sailing, skate-boarding, and hockey. There are academic camps for students who are struggling, ahead of their peers, or just want to learn a new subject.

If you are interested in travel programs, you need to consider where you want to go and whether you are interested in a tour, an extended stay or an adventure program. Some travel programs emphasize cultural aspects and others help with development projects.

Finally, you need to consider costs. Camps range in price from free to over $10,000. Clearly not everyone can afford to send their child skiing in Argentina or trekking in Switzerland over the summer. Many camps do offer financial assistance, so you should enquire if your family might qualify.

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