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Twelve Tips For Choosing A Horse Camp

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Why should I consider a summer horsemanship camp?
“A horsemanship camp is an excellent way for your child to learn the responsibility of caring for another living creature,” said Liz Ambuhl at camp Catherine Capers. “It is also an excellent way for them to spend time with other girls who have a similar interest in horses.”

This is one of the great advantages of summer camps. They put children in an outdoor environment and foster developing good socialization skills. A summer camp with a horse program has the added benefit of teaching youngsters about these magnificent animals and developing horsemanship skills.

Summer programs with horses as the central theme and activity are found in all regions of the country. Some of them focus the majority of the program in equestrian skills and knowledge. These programs will have classroom studies and seminars that involve basics of horse anatomy and the nature of horses along with instruction on feeding, care, and riding. These programs will assign the camper a horse for the three-week session. The care and feeding of that horse will be the responsibility of the child. Riding skills will be taught.

Other camps with horse programs may not involve the youngsters with stable duties such as feeding and stall cleaning. These camps will provide instruction and practice on riding skills each day and offer other activities for a portion of each day.

In either type of camp, horsemanship skills are the focus of the camper’s experience.

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