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Twelve Tips For Choosing A Horse Camp

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Which riding disciplines are taught?
Many camps concentrate on English riding styles. Dressage techniques and patterns are practiced along with eventing and show jumping. Many of these facilities also have cross-country courses for more advanced riders and horses.

A typical day may begin with the camper going to the stable to care for the assigned horse. This may include feeding, grooming and cleaning the stall. The morning may include sessions on riding techniques, riding etiquette and equine health or training. The afternoon may be spent riding in the arena, practicing the principles learned in the morning classes, or other show ring techniques. A fun ride or a trail ride may be scheduled once or twice during the camping term.

Safety is a primary element of the activities. Riders are required to wear approved helmets and boots while on the horse. Every effort is made to match the right horse to the camperís riding skills and capabilities. Everyone is aware that horses are big animals, and because of their sheer size, can be dangerous in extraordinary situations. Every effort is made to reduce the possible risks to the most minimal levels.

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