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Twelve Tips For Choosing A Horse Camp

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What kind and caliber of horses are used?
The horses and ponies found at these camps have one thing in common. They are well-trained. Most of the horses are kept at the farm throughout the year. They are continually being trained and worked with. Only horses with good personalities that are solid mounts are used. The horses know their tasks. The campers are taught the cues necessary to communicate with the horses.

There are older, quite experienced horses for younger and novice riders. There are somewhat younger and more spirited horses for girls with riding experience who are seeking to improve performance skills.

Breeds of horses may run the gamut. Generally, they run toward thoroughbreds, Arabians, quarter horses, and walking horses. These are the breeds most commonly used in the riding disciplines taught at these camps.

“One of the reasons our camp is so successful,” said Angela Payne, of Zion Farms, “is because of our horses. We have wonderful, well-trained horses. They are owned by the farm. We match the horses to the capabilities of the rider.”

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