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Weight Loss Camps Can Change Lives

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Profile of youngsters and young adults attending weight loss camps
Obesity does not discriminate. It crosses all racial and religious barriers and affects boys and girls from all areas of the country and from all social backgrounds. Children who are clinically obese are a very diverse group.

Some camps set limits such as 30 pounds overweight or overweight for two or more years as a criterion for acceptance into a weight loss program. Others take a different tack, feeling the decision to attend a weight loss camp is a personal decision between the parents and child.

Surprisingly, kids coming to a weight loss camp are often less overweight than they were 10 or 20 years ago. . They are more knowledgeable about the problems excess weight can bring about. For example, diabetes has reached almost epidemic proportions. Today we often see kids who are 20 to 25 pounds overweight, where a few years ago a child might have been 75 pounds overweight before considering a weight loss camp. People are more health conscious now, and more knowledgeable about the problems excess weight can bring about, such as the current alarming rate of diabetes.

Traditionally, girls concerned with being overweight outnumber boys, but today that gap is closing, with more boys being interested in weight loss.

Other characteristics that are often found. These include low self-esteem and engaging in activities such as hiding food and binge eating. Many of these youngsters are also taking prescription antidepressant drugs and typically have low physical activity. Studies have shown that these kids often spend six or more hours per day watching TV and playing video games. Their diet is typically a fast food diet or includes large quantities of foods that are high in sugar and fats.

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