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Weight Loss Camps Can Change Lives

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Why should I send my youngster to a weight loss camp?
Parents should consider a good weight loss camp because the program works. A camp program will often help a child change his or her behavior where the environment at home cannot.

Often an overweight child will have one or both parents who are overweight. The parent tries to encourage the child to eat less. The child looks at the parent and ignores or discounts what the overweight parent says. The topic becomes emotionally charged, with communication breaking down between the child and parent, at least on this topic. The weight loss camp takes all of this negative emotion out of the picture. The child is put into an environment where he or she is with other children who are also dealing with excess weight.

A weight loss camp is fun. The activities are wide ranging and include something almost every child will enjoy. There is no peer pressure to be ‘good’ at a particular sport or to be competitive. Participating in these activities is not embarrassing. The whole focus of these camps is geared toward having every child included, encouraged and applauded.

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