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Weight Loss Camps Can Change Lives

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Are weight loss camps effective?
Weight loss camps that are effective help children and young adults: 1) change the way they eat, 2) increase the amount of their exercise, and 3) help lose weight. Instead of fad diets, weight loss pills, or drugs to accomplish their goals, these programs use healthy diets, reasonable food portions, exercise and education to achieve the camperís objectives. this is accomplished by an environment which stresses reduced food intake, healthier foods and significantly increased activity levels. A well trained and sincere staff that provides valid information and encouragement also plays a key role in a campís effectiveness.

These programs do not include fad diets, weight loss pills, or drugs to accomplish their goals. Most weight loss camps have programs running from three to nine weeks. This period is regarded as sufficient to begin an educational process for healthier diets and exercise. Some campers return for several consecutive years and are instilled with values that stay with them for a lifetime. Perhaps one of the most important reasons a weight loss camp is effective is because of the support the campers give to, and receive from, one another. The campers stay in cabins with other campers. They all share a common goal of losing weight. A sense of community with a support network is established. Children develop friendships that extend far beyond the camp. Throughout the year, they call or e-mail one another with words of encouragement and support.

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