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Weight Loss Camps Can Change Lives

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A Final Word
One of the reasons a weight loss camp is successful is because it provides the individual with scientific nutritional information. A recent study shows that nearly 90 percent of Americans receive their nutritional information from advertising, which is seldom based on science. It is designed solely to encourage people to buy the product. While this information should not be false, it is also seldom factual. Fad diets and books touting this diet program or that are also seldom factual. In many cases, the diets they promote can be dangerous.

Our goal at Camp Shane is to have kids and adults return to our camp year after year after they have lost the excess weight. We want them to come back because they enjoy our staff, facilities and the activities we offer.

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About the Author

David Ettenberg is a senior camp director with thirty-six years experience - all at the same camp! He has worked with thousands of campers and their parents. He is a Certified Camp Director, a member of the American Camping Association, and the New York State Camp Directors Association.

You can find out more about David and Camp Shane at

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