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Using Nevertells To Effectively Engage Campers

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1 – The powerful Meal
· A wife gave her husband a single article of food . . . he died because of eating it, and although thousands of people heard it, the wife never brought to trial.
· Answer- The wife was eve, the husband, Adam.

2 - The masked man
· the man was afraid to go home, because the man with the mask was there
· Answer - the man with the mask was a catcher in a baseball game, the other man was a base runner.

3 – The skiing accident
· Mr. Allen was reading a newspaper, and came across an article about the death of a woman in the Swiss Alps. Reading that a Dr. Jones’ wife had accidentally fallen to her death while skiing, Allen went to the police and told them “Jones murdered his wife.” After questioning, Dr. Jones confessed to the crime. How did Mr. Allen know?
· Answer – Allen was a travel agent. He remembered selling Jones one round-trip ticket, and on one-way ticket, to Switzerland

4 – John and Mary
· John and Mary are on the floor. There are pieces of broken glass, and a puddle of liquid on the floor. Mary is dead.
· Answer – John, a cat, knocked over the fishbowl of Mary, a fish.

5 – The armed proprietor
· A young woman walked into a café and asked for a drink of water. The man behind the counter suddenly pulled out a gun and pointed it at her. A few seconds elapsed, and then the woman smiled, thanked the man and left.
· Answer – She had the hiccups, and was frightened out of them.

6 – The sawdust mystery
· If the man had seen the sawdust, he would not have died.
· Answer – The man, who was blind, made his living in the circus as a midget clown. Termites have been eating the end of his cane causing the sawdust. Because he could not see the cane has become shorter, when he had to reach down farther than usual to touch the ground with is, he thought he was growing. Thinking this would result in losing his job, he became despondent and shot himself.

7 – The mysterious suicide
· A man’s dead body hangs from a rope tied to the center of a ceiling beam in a large, empty room. The feet are 10 feet from the floor. No other items are in the room. The man killed himself by hanging.
· Answer – He climbed a stack of dry ice, attached the rope, then waited for the ice to evaporate.

8 – The car trunk mystery
· A gang of thieves robs a warehouse one night. They capture two night watchmen and place them, unharmed and unbound, in the trunk of a car parked nearby. The next morning, when employees hear sounds coming from the trunk, they open it and one man steps out alive and well. The other is dead.
· Answer – The survivor breathed the air from the spare tire.

9 – 53 Bicycles
· A man lies dead in a room with 53 bicycles, also in the room
· Answer – The man had been playing cards for money. He had cheated by pulling and extra ace from his sleeve. His opponent had shot him and fled. The “bicycles” are bicycle cards.

10 – Cause of death known
· A traveler on a deserted road camp upon a body of a man lying by the roadside, dead. The dead man was wearing a knapsack though there were no marks on the body, or blood anywhere. The traveler could tell immediately the cause of death.
· Answer - The knapsack was an unopened parachute.

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