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Using Nevertells To Effectively Engage Campers

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11 – Crazy Aunt Mabel
· George lived with his Aunt Mabel, whose sanity he sometimes doubted. One day Aunt Mabel was bragging about what an expert she had been in her former line of work. “I’ll just go and get my clippings and show you, “ she said. When she returned, George took one look, called the authorities, and had her committed.
· Answer – Mabel had been a barber. She had saved actual hair clippings all these years.

12 – Doctor’s Dilemma
· A doctor was driving his son to school one day when their car was rammed by a truck. The doctor was killed and the son was seriously injured in the accident. The son was rushed to a nearby hospital and prepared for surgery. However, when the surgeon announced, “I can’t operate! This is my son!”
· Answer – The surgeon was the boy’s mother.

13 – Identical Drinks
· Don and Dan entered a tavern and are served identical drinks. Don drinks his quickly and feels fine. Dan drinks his very slowly and dies.
· Answer – There was poison in the ice.

14 – Important Phone call
· “Oh, what have I done!” yelled the woman, as the telephone rang.
· Answer - The women, lonely and despondent, had sat by her telephone for months; hoping for a friendly call but never receiving even one. Finally, out of despair she jumped out of her 20th story apartment just as the telephone range.

15 - Murder in Public
· A murder was committed before thousands of people, but all of them thought it was an accident.
· Answer - A trapeze artist that took his cues from the organist for when to start, reach and land, fell to his death. The organist has purposely changed the tempo in mid-act as to throw him off.

16 – No bullet holes
· A man has been murdered while sitting in the driver’s seat of a car although there are numerous bullet wounds in the body, and all the doors and windows of the car are tightly closed and locked. There are no bullet holes anywhere in the car.
· Answer – The car is a convertible and the top is up.

17 – Albatross Soup
· Horton walked into a restaurant and read on the menu, albatross soup. “My favorite! he cried, and ordered a double portion. The waiter brought the soup, and when Horton tasted it, he screamed and fainted.
· Answer - Horton had once been a sailor. His shipped was wrecked on a small island. One by one, the crew died, but the captain kept the survivors alive until help came by feeding the men what he called “albatross soup”. Horton realized in the restaurant – through the greatly different taste of real albatross soup – that he had once eaten human flesh.

18 – Amazon Amazement
· 100 people were traveling down the Amazon River on flatboat when the boat, in calm water, capsized, and all were drowned.
· Answer - 3 huge snakes were sighted hanging over the river from a free branch. The passengers panicked, and all of them ran to one side to get away and capsized the boat.

19 – A disastrous party
· A famous scientist was awarded a government prize for his invention of a new weapon. He decided to invite several of his friends in to a party in his laboratory. For entertainment, he provided a juggler, an opera soprano, and a ballet dancer. At the height of the evening, all present were suddenly and mysteriously killed.
· Answer – The soprano sang a high note, exploding a glass beaker of lethal gas – the new weapon.

20 – Another disastrous party
· Sylvester had just received a promotion in his company. To celebrate, Sylvester and his wife invited his boss, his boss’s wife, and a party of 70 in for dinner. A fire broke out during the party and no one escaped from the room. In the morning, fireman found the bodies of only five people in the ruins.
· Answer - There were never more than 5 people there: the man, his wife, his boss, his boss’s wife, and the “party of 70” an elderly relative.

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