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Using Nevertells To Effectively Engage Campers

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21 – Father/Son
· 2 fathers and 2 sons all go on a fishing trip together. They fish all weekend, and each person comes home with a fish. There are 3 fish total. How can this work?
· Answer - Because you have a grandfather, father, and grandson.

22 – Labyrinth
· You are given a choice between two doors. One leads to death by painful torment, the other leads to paradise. Beside the doors are 2 people. One will tell only the truth, one will tell only lies. You don't know which is which. They both know which door leads to which destiny. You are allowed to ask one question. What question would you ask?
· Answer - You would ask "would the other man tell me his door is safe?" If you ask the liar he will say "no" If you ask the truth teller he will say "yes"

23 – Forest
· A man is found dead in the forrest wearing a wet suit and scuba gear, he is at least 50 miles from the nearest ocean, how did he get there ? And How did he die?
· Answer - The man is scuba diving in the ocean fifty miles away. And theres a forest fire. And one of those scoopy planes scoops up water from the ocean and it scoops the man, who gets dumped out over the fire?

24 – Bicycles
· There are 53 bicycles and four men in a room. One man gets shot. Why?
· Answer - Remember that "Bicycle" is a name brand of playing cards. There are only 52 cards in a deck. The men were playing poker or some other card game. One man had an extra Ace up his sleeve (i.e. he was cheating), and so another man shot him.

25 – The man in the mask
· You are afraid to go home because the man in the mask is there.
· Answer - You are on third base and you are trying score but the catcher is there.

26 – Who uses it?
· The man who makes doesn't use it the man buys it doesn't want it, and the man who uses it never knows. What is it?
· Answer: It’s a coffin.

27 Dead Man
· There is a man dead in a locked office, sitting at his desk. On the desk there are a couple of pieces of blank paper, a pen and a sealed envelope. The office is locked from the inside. No-one has directly killed him. How was he killed?
· Answer - Was there poison on the part of the envelope where he licked it?

28 - A Flickering Light...
· A man is running down a hallway. Suddenly all the lights flicker and he begins to walk. Why?
· Answer - The man is in a prison, on his way to tell a condemned prisoner that he has been pardoned. When the lights flicker, he slows down because he knows he's too late - the prisoner has just been executed in the electric chair.

29 - A Man Pushes His Car...
· A man pushes his car up to a hotel. He pays the hotel $200, and pushes his car away. What is happening?
· Answer - He's playing a game of Monopoly! (The car is his marker, and when he landed on the hotel he had to pay.)

30 - Two Men Found Dead In a Cabin...
· Two men are found dead in a cabin on the side of a mountain. There was obviously a fire, but that's not how they died. What happened?
· Answer - The cabin is the cabin of an aircraft. The plane crashed into the side of the mountain, killing all aboard.

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