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Using Nevertells To Effectively Engage Campers

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· A boy kills a bear and later grows up to serve his home state in the national legislature. He returns to his Southern home, only to be summoned to travel to a desolate place to fight against foreigners. He dies there, but is honored as a hero and is best remembered for his distinctive hat."
· Who is the man and from what stated does he hail?

· Answer - The man is Davy Crockett and he is from Tennessee

· A boy enters the bedroom of a young woman and her siblings. He does not use the door to enter, even though the young woman's room is three floors up. His primary purpose is to find something he'd left behind. When his business is concluded he leaves by the same means that he used to arrive."
· Who is the boy and what is he looking for?

· Answer - The boy is Peter Pan. He is looking for his shadow.

· Stevie weighed about 100 pounds and stood about 5 feet tall. He didn't speak English and could not see. He wasn't able to walk, but he could run. He was spotted last January in Ely, Minnesota, but disappeared a few days later, never to be seen again."
· Who is Stevie and why has he disappeared?

· Answer - Stevie was a snowman and he melted

· A girl walks into a small building and stands in a line. When she gets to the front of the line she discusses her current desires with a uniformed employee of the establishment. She waits just a few minutes, pays a small fee and then departs with a white bag. Her expression matches the name of the product she has just purchased."
· Where is the girl and what did she purchase?

· Answer - The girl is in McDonald's and she purchased a Happy Meal

· A masked man is attacked by a gang of five men who shoot at him, then quickly flee. The masked man survives the attack, but the gang returns again and again until it finally quits. The masked man moves to a new location, but the gang continues to come after him. He moves back to his original spot, hoping in vain for a reprieve. The next night, a different gang attacks him."
· What is the masked man's profession and how long does the first set of attacks last?

· Answer - The masked man is a hockey goalie who is attacked for 20 minutes in the first period

· Bill found himself in a very dark place surrounded by a variety of precious metals. He had had a very busy day. He spent time in a taxi, visited a newsstand, stopped by a corner deli and went to the movies. Bill was used to change and felt like he was surrounded by it. He didn't know where he would go tomorrow, but he would probably go alone. One was, after all, Bill's favorite number."
· Who is Bill and where is he?

· Answer - Bill is $1 of U.S. currency and he is in a cash register

· George rides his bike out of a major metropolitan city. As he travels, he sees water on either side of him and thinks about all the deaths that have been witnessed by those who have stood where he is riding. After about 10 minutes George stops, turns around and admires a tall pyramid."
· What city is George in and where has he stopped?

· Answer - George is in San Francisco and has stopped on the Golden Gate Bridge

· A group of people stumbles across a body. After examining the corpse, the group notes that the body is missing some of its internal organs, but maintains the victim died a natural death."
· What are the people's occupations and in what country did they find the body?

·Answer - The people are archaeologists working in Egypt. (They uncovered a mummy)

· A government worker is assigned to assist in making the world a better place. The man was born before 1950, but was under 35 years old when he came out of retirement in the 1990s. The man has a strong preoccupation with his attractiveness, but isn't actually attractive. He speaks with an accent, but knows English quite well"
· Who is the man and what does he do for a living?

· Answer - The man is Austin Powers. He's a spy for the British government

Credit: "30 Second Mysteries" 2004 Daily Boxed Calendar

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From A Guest
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One I remember from growing up is: * If the sandbags would have had heads, the people would not have died. A: The people died on a roller coaster. It was tested with sandbags simulating the weight of passengers, but there was a spot where the tracks were a bit too close together and actual passengers had their heads knocked off by another track.

From A Guest
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Albatross Soup

Thanks so much for the answer to the "Albatross Soup" mystery". I had been pulling my hair out over it for the last couple of days. I must say, though, that the important part of the riddle is that fact that the man realized that he had been eating his own wife (it wasn't the Navy, it was a cruise ship), and that's why he took his own life.

From A Guest
Rating: 10 out of 10

From Matt
Rating: 9 out of 10
Heres one

a cowboy gets into town on friday. he stays for 3 days. he leaves the same town on friday. how? A: his horse's name is friday. good site

From Zack
Rating: 10 out of 10

Thanks a ton guys!! Yall won me $10,000 (U.S. money) for solving this..? the man was afraid to go home, because the man with the mask was there ? Answer - the man with the mask was a catcher in a baseball game, the other man was a base runner.

From cuttiiieee !
Rating: 10 out of 10
liiitttlleee giirrrllll

Q- a little girl lives on the 12th floor of an apartment building. Every morning , she takes the elevator all the way downstairs to go outside and catch her bus for school. but, when she gets home from school, she takes the elavator up to the 6th floor, then walks the rest of the way to her apartment. whyyyyyyyyy ? A- she cant reach all the way up to the 12 button on the elevatorrr ( cause shes just a little girl )

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