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An Internationals Guide to Getting a job at a US Summer Camp

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Applying to be a Camp Counselor

You will be given an application booklet to complete. It may look daunting, but set yourself some time to fill this out thoroughly - This is how agencies and Camp Directors judge whether you're a good candidate, and what sort of job you'd be suited for. Skimping here could harm your chances of getting a job.

Be positive and show lots of enthusiasm in your application. List all your skill areas - remember you don't need to be a qualified expert in an activity to be able to teach it to kids!

Be honest - if you're a smoker, say so. While camps are generally smoke-free, some do allow staff to smoke off-site and after hours. However, alcohol and drug use will not be permitted at camps, and will result in instant dismissal. (You are normally permitted to drink on your night/day off, provided you're over 21 - the legal age in the States).

List any experience you have in working with children - even "baby sitting" shows responsibility - although list it as "child care" on your application, to make it relevant for American camp directors.

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