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An Internationals Guide to Getting a job at a US Summer Camp

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Camp Fairs

A quicker route to securing a job as a camp counselor is open to those in a select number of major cities in countries like England, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand. Camp America is one agency which holds special "Camp Fairs" during the year.

At camp fairs, you complete your application and have your interview, then if you are approved, you can go and meet with several Camp Directors face-to-face, and could secure a summer job on the spot.

The advantage with this process is that you can discuss camps and activities in depth with the actual Directors, and can choose from the range of jobs on offer. This is ideal for first-timers, and for friends/partners who want to work together at the same camp.

The disadvantage is that, while some of these fairs host maybe 50-100 Camp Directors, this is only a fraction of the many thousands of camps on offer in the United States. People looking to work in a specialized area, or with specific needs may want to stick with the traditional selection procedure.

A third option is to 'surf the net' for a suitable job, and negotiate directly with camps. (However, you will still need to go through an agency to be approved, and for your visa processing and other paperwork). This route is really only recommended for those who've already completed a season of summer camp in the States, and want to try something/somewhere different.

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